Overseas Pilots

Stanwell Park Hanggliding and Paragliding club (SPHGPC) welcomes all overseas pilots (Particularly those attending the HG Worlds in Forbes 2013). Stanwell is often the first site that visitors to Australia fly and as such we have had our fair share of broken gliders and bruised pilots. We have a world class site that would love to share with all pilots from over the world and just ask in return that you follow a few simple rules that are designed to protect both yourselves and our site.

  1. HGFA membership: All pilots who wish to fly anywhere in Australia MUST have a current HGFA membership. Membership can be obtained online or through the post before travelling to Australia or purchased once in Australia. Not having HGFA membership means you are not only uninsured but you can be arrested and prosecuted for breaking the law. You will be refused permission to fly at any site including Stanwell Park if you do not have it. The following link will take you to the HGFA site with information for overseas pilots https://www.safa.asn.au/visiting-international-pilots.

  2. SPHGPC membership: Our agreement with the landowners (Wollongong Council) requires anyone flying at Stanwell Park to be registered with the club. Please take the time to register your details online here. Membership of the club is only $20 and if you are so broke you really can't afford to pay we just ask that you register anyway. Please take the time to read our brief Stanwell procedures document.

  3. Familiarise yourself with the site: When you arrive Introduce yourself to either the duty pilot (if available) or an experienced local pilot and explain that you are not familiar with the site. Inquire about the suitability of the conditions for someone of your experience and the glider you will be flying. Familiarise yourself with the landing areas on the beach and the approach to take to land safely. Watch another pilot land. Stanwell has many challenges to the un-initiated including:
  • Rapid changes in weather conditions. Wind strength and direction can change rapidly due to things like small sea squalls.
  • Potentially large groups of people both in the takeoff and landing areas. Both areas have markers and signs asking the public to keep out but they are never 100% effective. NEVER assume you have some right of way or that people are aware of your presence and ALWAYS avoid any possible incident with members of the public. If the regular landing area is unsafe to land due to crowding then land somewhere else down the beach - there is always an alternative!
  • Large numbers of pilots. On a good day there is more than enough room for all pilots but on very light days where both Paragliders and Hang gliders are flying it can be crowded. Follow the rules of the air and don't fly in these conditions if you are inexperienced.

Fly safe!