Bald Hill Redevelopment

Most pilots will be aware that the redevelopment of Bald Hill is now on in earnest. In a recent meeting with the Project Manager for Wollongong Council the club was updated on the works program for the next few months. These include:

PARKING….As of Monday June 29th the north car park will be fenced off by road services, from the entrance ,east, across to approximately 2 metres passed the footpath. Access to the east launch could be restricted but we are working to get a compromise in place. During this phase the old toilet block will be demolished and portable toilets placed in the 4 car park spots just north of the monument near the south launch. It is hoped that the eastern side of the main car park will be available in 2weeeks. This is no doubt going to put a severe strain on the parking situation, particularly of a weekend.

ROAD WORKS….As of the same date, roadworks will commence during which Lady Wakehurst Drive will be restricted to 1 lane, with traffic control in place. All informal parking along LWD will go, adding further strain on the main car park. LWD will be widened to include a cycle lane, coach parking, a pedestrian walkway and a roundabout entrance. Council advise that they expect the period of maximum disruption will be August/September 2015.

SOUTH LANDING….We may lose about a metre in width on the south landing due to the roadworks. Also quite a bit of the trees barrier between this and the road will be removed or thinned out. Council will plant semi mature trees in their place with, hopefully, a temporary fence as a safety barrier until they grow.

To compensate for the loss of space on the launch and landing areas, we have asked council to consider cutting back the Lamandra grass by a metre or so.

There is no doubt that the next 12 months, or more, are going to cause a fair degree of disruption to flying operations but be assured that the club is in ongoing consultation with Council to ensure that the club’s needs are taken into account.


For all the 'armchair pilots' amongst you you can catch all the action reported on pilots blogs here on under the news feeds section