As some of you will have already noticed, we now have a Facebook page ( and a Facebook group (Stanwell Park hang gliding and paragliding club). Both are open for anyone to join/like, you don't have to be a current member. The main difference between the page and the group is that anyone is free to post any messages in the group; there is no official club management or endorsement of anything that goes on in it. The Facebook page however is basically an extension of the flystanwell website and will be used to post the same articles/notices we put up on the website.

It's a similar deal for Twitter: we already have a Twitter feed that shows the weather conditions if it is flyable (@Stanwell_fly) if you would like to follow it. We now also have an 'official' SPHGPC Twitter feed (@sphgpc). If you follow it you will receive a tweet every time we post a new article on the website.

Not everyone is, or wants to be, on Facebook or Twitter so official communications or news will still go out via email or articles on the main website (

What about <insert favorite social media site here>? Who knows, one day maybe .... get out and have a fly first!


All pilots note: The launch sites near to the pie shop in the National Park are reserved for aero-model flyers and are OFF LIMITS for all SPHGPC pilots. Also please give these areas a wide berth when flying past.