Continuing on where Tony Sandeberg left off some time ago, here is a member profile from Chris Clements, Stanwell Park local.

We'll be approaching all other members (in due course!) to do the same so that we can continue this as a regular feature on our web site.   Of course, if you can't wait to get yours out there, don't!  Just submit it yourself by logging in.  Copy and paste the questions from one of the other profiles.  Add your own questions if you like!  And don't forget to include a photo. 

•     NAME : Christopher Clements

•     LOCAL SITE : Stanwell Park
•     GLIDER : So far, Fun 190, sonic 165, litespeed 4. The  Fun is by far the favourite
•     YEARS FLYING : Still a puppy
•     HOW DID YOU GET INTO HANG GLIDING? Angie bought me a tandem gift voucher as a Christmas present
•     MOST MEMORABLE FLIGHT : Today another cracker of a day
•     THE SITE I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO FLY : The next one, I have done 19 so far all coastal
•     I WISH I HAD NEVER FLOWN...To burning palms and bombed out
•     I’M REALLY BAD AT... Doing anything else when the wind is on!
•     IF I WASN’T FLYING I’D BE... Wishing I was
•     I WISH I COULD... Fly every day
•     I OFTEN WONDER... What the weather is doing
•     FAVOURITE MEAL AFTER A GREAT DAY FLYING... Something from the Kiosk Leo's moussaka is probably the favourite
•     MY INSTRUCTOR ALWAYS TOLD ME... after a tricky moment "did you learn anything?"
•     THE LAST TIME I FLEW... today of course
•     IF I WAS A CAR I’D BE... a Tesla 100% electric
•     IN THE FUTURE HANG GLIDING WILL... Be more difficult with a council like ours!
•     IN ONE WORD FLYING IS... Challenging


Top Tip: Paragliders, when you top land on the south face don't stand around pumping your brakes, admiring your canopy, chatting with your mates, carefully folding it all up ... get out of the landing zone so other can land safely as well! Thank you guys.