There's a new web-site for pilots in NSW. The web-site of the New South Wales Hanggliding and Paragliding Association has just been launched . Alexander Drew the new secretary of the NSWHPA has done a great job of starting up the site and has plans to expand it to provide a channel for people to learn what the NSWHPA is, what they do and what their role is under the HGFA.

On the subject of web-sites, here's a few links for pilots blogs that I've visited recently.

The first is from local instructor Curt Warren's blog. Curt was in charge of the towing operation down at Tumut over the Easter break. Some good advice and a few photos here (Good to see Bianca back in a hang glider too).

The second is Adam Parer's blog; he's got a nice piece about visiting the Moyes factory recently (who seem happy to accept him even though he does fly an Airborne C4). He's the star of quite a few well known video's taken up in Newcastle where he seems to spend most of his time upside down (I'm ignoring any comments about 'people in glass houses'...).

Lastly my old mate Trent Brown has a web-site & blog with lots of good tales about flying based in Canberra, including a recent flight of his from near Yass to the coast near Kiama.

So if your stuck on the ground but near to an internet connection get your 'fix' from vicarious enjoyment of other people's experiences. But what am I talking about ... you're already doing it. How about some payback, let the rest of us enjoy whatever you've been up to (so long as it's legal!). Send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your stuff and I'll fax it up onto the Interweb thingy.


Check out WarrenWindsports great new "Stanny Cam" (a webcam pointing at Bald Hill) here and now also on our 'weather' menu