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Corryong 2006

Dan who was free flying with me got away every day although sometimes on his second flight and spent 3-4 hours in the air landing beside the camp site every time. Now that is the way to do inland flying, landing back at the campsite with a cold beer waiting for you. Speaking of the camp site it was fantastic, right beside the Murray river with huge English Plane trees giving heaps of shade without the fear of falling limbs. Many people enjoying a refreshing dip in the river at the end of a hot day of flying.

I will say though it is nice to hear that vario going beep beep all the time instead of burp burp. It was interesting on one of my flights I found out that my vario has two tones for sink. One for normal sink and one for really really bad sink. I thought something had gone wrong with my vario when I heard it for the first time until I realised that I was going down and going down fast. :-( All of my inland landings have been problematic with the flare timing. I have everything down pat in the landing approach until I get into ground effect and I am either flaring too late....scrapped knees.....too early and a bend upright.

A couple of lucky people, well maybe they had a bit of skill, :-) took off, turned left 100 metres then straight up to 7,000'...lucky buggers. Also one person was over the bomb out where I struggled the day before in a weak thermal and grabbed a thermal of 1000/up he looked like he was in an elevator, it was fantastic to watch the glider banked over at 45 degrees and rocketing up to cloud base. Ahhh, my dreams of my first 10,000 foot flight will drag me back next year and to Tumut this year if I can nail my flare timing before then.

 From what I saw of the comp I must say the Newcastle club did a great job of organising everything. It all appeared to go very smoothly. You can get the results of the competition and some more pictures from their web-site

All in all I enjoyed Corryong very much but I will never complain about the heat at Stanwell when packing up. My first experience of packing up in a paddock with no trees. I would hate to think what it is like flying the flat lands.

Catch you all at Stanwell.


Robert Seckold


All pilots note: The launch sites near to the pie shop in the National Park are reserved for aero-model flyers and are OFF LIMITS for all SPHGPC pilots. Also please give these areas a wide berth when flying past.