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Stanwell Park Paragliding Cup 2018/19

Stanwell Park Paragliding Cup 2018/19

Competition Objectives

This free paragliding competition is aimed at all pilot levels. Goal is to enable pilots flying at Stanwell Park Area to broaden their horizon by exploring the XC potential the site offers towards the North and South in a safe manner without putting themselves or other pilots at additional risk.

It is not an XC course or Thermalling Clinic. Participants can, however, improve their knowledge about the Stanwell Park Flying Site, XC potential in different wind and flight directions, usage of their own GPS instruments and mechanisms of uploading track logs to an online scoring platform. After all, it is about having fun and to fly safe!

Powered Paragliding (PPG) is not part of this competition.

Competition Dates and Comp Director

Start Date: 01. October 2018 End Date: 30. April 2019

There is no entry fee and no registration required for this competition. All flights to be valid for this competition must have their take off at one of the official launch sites of Bald Hill at Stanwell Park, Lawrence Hargraves Drive.

Competition Organiser / Director: Ralf Gittfried (M: 0466 566 288 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Competition Format

This competition is held in an Online Contest (OLC) format. This is an open distance OLC about how many kilometers the pilot flies in a straight line from take off to landing. In addition, pilots can do flights with one or more turn points like Out & Return flights, Triangles etc. to increase the scoring distance.

Pilot and Comp Entry Requirements

The Competition is open to all current financial members of the HGFA plus the participant must hold a current membership of an affiliated NSW Flying Club. Recommended Pilot Rating: PG 3 and above PG2 Pilots are advised to consult with the Stanwell Park Hang and Paragliding Club SO, SSO or a CFI before participating in this OLC. The Competition Organiser in conjunction with the Protest Committee reserves the right to decline any pilot from participating in this OLC. Tandem Flights from professional operators are not eligible.

All gliders used must be certified in line with current valid standards (EN or LTF). Uncertified gliders are not allowed. Pilots must carry a reserve parachute and should carry a UHF Radio. Please note that a VHF Radio is compulsory if entering airspace (e.g. Albion Park). Pilots are encouraged to check VTC for relevant airspace. Every participant in this OLC is responsible for their own transport.

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All pilots note: The launch sites near to the pie shop in the National Park are reserved for aero-model flyers and are OFF LIMITS for all SPHGPC pilots. Also please give these areas a wide berth when flying past.