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Red Bull XALPS

G'day Everyone,

For anyone that doesn't know me. I am representing Australia in this years Redbullxalps The race starts in Austria and travels through Germany, Italy, Switzerland and finnishes in Monaco France. Its a non stop, day and night race through the Alps useing nothing but a paraglider and the athletes feet. 

The media attention for this years race is massive. Most of the comercial television stations will be running segments on the race. Chanel seven news has ran a 3 minute segment and has just organized to do another before i leave and updates during and after the race. Outdoor magazine, inside sport and a number of other magazines have expressed interest in running articles. Here is a short online interview i did recently with Courier mail.
In short, i think this is not only good for our sport but also a great opurtunity for any business to advertise. I am looking for a major sponsor and i still have almost the entire undersurface of the wing available. 

To raise funds i am raffling off the wing that i used in the 2007 xalps. Tickets can be purchased via my website 
If you can let people know via your club, organizations mailing lists i would be very appreciative. Also If you know of any company's,organizations etc that might be interested in sponsoring me please feel free to contact me.

Thankyou in advance

Lloyd Pennicuik ph 0438 788573 

My bank details are commonwealth bank, lloyd pennicuik, bsb 06 4449 account number 1022 3286
P.s, for my old hangglider mates, i will get back into it one day :-)
pps All contributions can be tax duductable for businesses.


Top Tip: Paragliders, when you top land on the south face don't stand around pumping your brakes, admiring your canopy, chatting with your mates, carefully folding it all up ... get out of the landing zone so other can land safely as well! Thank you guys.