The club has on numerous occasions, in newsletters and safety notices, advised of the mandatory need and use of spotters when using the high wind launches. This is a club rule and must be followed at all times when using these launches.

The potential for a mid -air collision on launching is an unacceptable risk which must be avoided at all costs. This risk is heightened when employing a forward launch technique. Anyone contravening this rule will be given a verbal or written warning from the club as outlined in the clubs disciplinary code.

Persistent offenders can expect to have their flying rights at the site suspended and the matter referred to both the NSWHPA and HGFA for further consideration. We don’t wish to appear draconian but the SAFETY of all pilots is our paramount concern and must take precedence over an individual’s desire to fly.


With the start of the new flying season upon us, the committee reminds ALL pilots wishing to fly at 'Bald Hill' of their obligation to hold both current HGFA membership as well as SPHGPC membership to fly at Bald Hill legally.

This is both for your protection aswell as the Club/Site. No exceptions given.