High wind launches at Bald Hill

There has recently been a significant amount of discussion on social media regarding high wind launching technique at Bald Hill.

All pilots are advised that under the terms of our licence with Wollongong City Council the only legally recognised high wind launches are those immediately below top launch at the South and East launch areas. Those launches referred to as the “lower” high wind launches are located in National Park and Wildlife Service land and fall outside our operating licence.

The club does not encourage or condone the use of these lower launches. Any pilots doing so is at their own risk and without the support of the club.


Top Tip: Paragliders, when you top land on the south face don't stand around pumping your brakes, admiring your canopy, chatting with your mates, carefully folding it all up ... get out of the landing zone so other can land safely as well! Thank you guys.