Celebrating over 25 YEARS of safe operation, the Sydney Hang Gliding Centre (formerly Aerial Technics) was established in 1982 and is Sydney's first and only full-time hang gliding centre. More people have chosen to fly with us for several reasons. We have a perfect safety record, specialise in Hang Gliding and are available to take you flying everyday, weather permitting.

We are a local family operated business and your Chief Flying Instructor is Chris Boyce one of the most qualified, experienced and respected in the country. Our caring team is highly qualified offering you safe, personal instruction and an exhilarating, memorable flying experience.

Sydney Hang Gliding Centre uses the most modern and latest glider designs available and this is a trademark of our business.

We look forward to taking you hang gliding. Let the adventure begin!


Top Tip: Paragliders, when you top land on the south face don't stand around pumping your brakes, admiring your canopy, chatting with your mates, carefully folding it all up ... get out of the landing zone so other can land safely as well! Thank you guys.