HangglideOZ, a division of Active Air Sports, began operation in 1988. Since that time we have introduced in excess of five thousand students and tandem passengers to the sport. We are Australia's most experienced and one of the longest established instructional and tandem flight centres, and are open seven days a week - weather permitting.

At HangglideOZ, we offer you a professional and innovative approach to hang gliding instruction. HangglideOZ is dedicated to making flying the experience of a lifetime for you. Our instructors are the best in the business and we pride ourselves in providing a safe and easy introduction to flying. We offer all our customers unsurpassed service and value for money. We will take you on a journey you'll never forget and fulfill your dreams of unpowered flight. Whoever said, "the sky is the limit" was wrong. Join us at HangglideOZ and learn how to "Surf the Sky".


Tony Armstrong
Chief Flying Instructor


All pilots note: The launch sites near to the pie shop in the National Park are reserved for aero-model flyers and are OFF LIMITS for all SPHGPC pilots. Also please give these areas a wide berth when flying past.