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One of the premier flying sites in Australia. We have a unrivaled history stretching back to some of the first ever experiments in flight done by Lawrence Hargrave in the late 19th Century. Today, as then, we have the privilege of flying a beautiful stretch of the coastline between Sydney and Wollongong.

This is the web-site of the Stanwell Park Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club (SPHGPC). The role of the club is to maintain the flying site for the use and enjoyment of the membership and promote the sport within the community. We cater for pilots of all abilities and try to foster an atmosphere of safety, encouragement and enjoyment. If you're just thinking of trying flying out then take a look at our instructors section.

 If you're a visiting pilot or interested in flying the site (Bald Hill) then remember it's a requirement of the land owner (local council) that you must be a member of the club and familiar with the rules before you can fly the site.



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REMEMBER: Markers must be placed at both take off and landing areas before flying. Cones are kept in the store in the new lower toilet block. The key is kept in the safe next to the door. They must be RETURNED afterwards. More...

New ? Never flown the site before or just rusty about the rules. Here are four links to essential information you should familiarise yourself with before you fly the site.

  1. Club Membership We'd love you to join the club either online or offline.

  2. HGFA Membership forms All HG and PG pilots who want to fly in Australia must be members of the HGFA.

  3. Stanwell Procedures Learn the procedures we have for safe flying at Stanwell.

  4. Site Guide and Rules Familiarise yourself with the site and how best to share the ground and the air.

Some videos

Flying at Stanwell

Flying at Stanwell

Top landing video

Top landing video

Beach landing video

Beach landing video

We don't just fly!

We don't just fly!

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